Exclusive interview About bullying with Singer Tom Bleasby

Photo by: Tom Bleasby

Hij zong een duet met de fantastische zangeres Jessie J op de app smule! Zijn droom werd daarna werkelijkheid toen hij in de Ellen Degeneres show mocht optreden met het nummer Flaslight! Niemand minder dan Jessie J zelf verscheen achter de wand en zong samen met Tom het nummer Flaslight! Zijn video met Jessie J ging de hele wereld over! Ik was nieuwschierig wat Tom nou eigenlijk van pesten vind! Vroeger is hij zelf veelvoudig gepest door zijn klasgenoten. 

Het is gelukt om Tom  te mogen interviewen! Lees hier zijn openhartige antwoorden op mijn vragen.

Dear Tom, Have you ever been bullied and why?

I was bullied consistently throughout my childhood. Name calling, personal attacks, sometimes physical violence. This was mainly down to two reasons. 1) my appearance. I’m not a slim boy, and was often called ‘fat’ and targeted for that. 2) people often made fun of my high singing voice. It was very persistent, and cruel. 

What do you think of bullying?

It’s awful, and so preventable. In many cases, people who bully, have been bullied before. The cycle simply needs to end. And bullying isn’t simply in school play ground, it’s at home, it’s at work for adults…it’s everywhere. Nobody should deserve to feel inferior. 

Is there much bullying attention spent on schools in England?

It’s obviously a well known thing, but I don’t feel enough is been done. Children who bully should face tougher punishments, and these should be enforced by parents too. Everyone knows about bullying, but not enough people are prioritising it as an issue. 

What would you like to say to people who are being bullied

Things get better. You don’t deserve this. It’s not your fault. You have my resources than the bullies give you credit for. Tell someone. 

What do you think of my website against bullying

It’s wonderful. I’m so glad someone is doing something to help raise awareness. Well done. 


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